Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sir William Reid Dick

Thank you Michael Copeland for this photo above.

King Edward VIII
Sir William Reid Dick, RA 1878-1961
He also did a beautiful portrait of The Princess Elizabeth (Now Our Queen)

He is one of Chris Miller’s yellow names on the 20th century figure sculpture website. He was a Scottish sculptor from Glasgow who produced some wonderful work. I have been searching the web and books for examples of his work and found very little, made more frustrating by the long lists of works it is known he has done.



The Man Child

The Catapult

(Each mounted differently)

But finally I am going to break a golden rule. I am going to offer you this delightful one below knowing I may be wrongly attributing it to him.

I do so on the flimsiest of evidence; this following description of the work "Kelpie" dated 1920

...much praised has been his work “Kelpie” a girl sitting on a rock cross-legged, her left hand resting on the rock and supporting the body inclined backwards, the right arm bent, the elbow resting on the right thigh, the hand raised to the chin....

I know, it seems that the arms are reversed and the legs are only just crossed and she is hardly leaning back. I hope if wrong someone will let me know.

Ulf tells me I have got this wrong. It is titled 'Childhood of Cain' by Antonio Teixeira Lopez, 1890, and is indeed an excellent work. More detail on the comments by Ulf.

So can anyone help me on Kelpie?


Monday, June 04, 2007

Alfred Turner

A beautiful but very different relief

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