Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sir Thomas Brock, R.A.

Sir Thomas Brock, R.A. Sculptor, (Great Britain)
1788- 1867
Neo-classicist sculptor and creator of the Nelson on Nelson's Column, Trafalgar Square, London. At school he portrayed his classmates in wax models in 1807 he went to London to become a pupil of J. Flaxman, in whose studio he was employed. He also attended the schools of the Royal Academy and he became a Royal Academician in 1821. Brock executed many portrait busts and statues, among those portrayed were Byron, Faraday and Lawrence.

His famous work "Eve at the fountain" was shown in 1818 at the Academy and is now in his native Bristol. It is at present exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, it has great presence, almost awe inspiring. Here are 3 different pictures of it from different sources
and a picture of an even better known statue in front of Buckingham Palace!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have confused Sir Thomas Brock (sculptor of the figures illustrated) with Edward Baily whose biography you give...

3:59 pm  

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