Monday, February 05, 2007

Alfred Bertram Pegram

A. Bertram Pegram was a friend of my Grandfather. They were at the Royal Academy Schools together

and were together at the unveiling of Pegram's Statue above to Sir Thomas Browne in Norwich in 1905 on the 300th anniversary of Browne's birth. (see my Dorset sculpture blog of a painting in St.Peter Mancroft by Harry R Mileham; "Wist ye not".)

Here is a good picture from the Peter Nahum at the Leicester Galleries.

Here is The Welsh War Memorial in Cardiff by Mr. Alfred Bertram Pegram. Quite a substantial work!

One day Chris I will go there and take a better picture!

My brother has some small plaster copies of his work given to my Grandfather. Here is one of them. Rather a strange subject but probably very innocent. It rested on my Grandfather's desk and my Father's ever since I can remember.

More to follow do come back soon.


Blogger picklepom said...

I have the same small plaster model of two women kissing. It is titled 'amitie' on the front, and has the sculptor's name on the back. It is tinted in pink and green. It was the first 'antique' I ever bought, aged 18, in 1975. I paid ten pounds for it. I wonder if it was ever reproduced in a larger size anywhere ...

10:18 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

I wish I knew picklepom, I will try and find out.

8:24 am  
Blogger Pomperaug History Project said...

Pegram did work in the USA - Washington, Connecticut Gunn Memorial Library & Hampton Institute, Virginia

2:48 pm  
Blogger Singer said...

Hello Robert. Plaster bust of Elizabeth M. Tenison (based in Cambridge UK?) by A Bertram Pegram. This bust was passed to us from a friend in Cambridge in the mid 1980s, as he reduced his 'library collection'. 'She' is with me in New Zealand, having moved house with me many times.
I expect this is a commissioned work. We were told that E Tenison was a celebrated geographer. Though the date is 1920, she wears a pre-war 'Edwardian' hair-style (long and in a loose bun) and she wears a laurel wreath. She is shown as a young woman.
The corner of her base was cracked off during a major earthquake in NZ (Kaikoura) in November 2016. I keep wondering how to mend it....

8:03 am  
Blogger Robert said...

Hi Singer, I am not an expert on mending plaster and would probably have glued it. Wood glue or super glue? I would try it out on something else made of plaster that doesn't matter and see how it works out. It will also give you some practice! Do post a picture of her somewhere and let us know where so we can see it. I would be most interested. Thanks for giving us you story. I trust you survived the earthquake unharmed.

11:35 pm  
Blogger Singer said...

From the looks of it, there's some glue already on the broken off piece (so it could have been an old wound...). I've taken a couple of photos but have just started the process of deleting my Facebook account so they can't go there. Will think about that. Thanks!

10:43 pm  

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