Thursday, March 08, 2007

Brock and Gilbert's genius

Both of these works have been shown before here on English Sculpture. These are better pictures and from more than one angle.

“Eve” by Sir Thomas Brock, R.A.

“Mother And Child, Reading Lesson” by Sir Alfred Gilbert, R.A.

These are good examples of the genius of English sculptors that have been so overlooked by the world in recent years.

The presence they have is awe inspiring.

On a technical point -

Taking good pictures of sculpture is challenging. The back ground is eliminated by our brains but the camera will not do that. Lighting marble is no problem but again we have the problem of what the eye sees and what the camera sees. I have cut one out for you and given you two different lighting shots to illustrate this. Keeping the camera steady is also a problem, no flash no tripod. Flash would distort the lighting so carefully arranged by the staff of the V & A.

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Friday, March 02, 2007

Alfred Turner (1874-1940)

As a first and introductory sample of what is to come here, I present from my visit to The Victoria and Albert Museum in London;
"Mother and Child" by Alfred Turner,

Two beautiful faces, the mother’s left hand, all four legs and feet, texture contrast, so simple.
The lack of shoulders so typical of a certain style pre 1950 adds to the relaxed aura, and slightly reminisent of a Gill which will come next.
The little boy’s demeanour is classically accurate and perfectly executed.

I love this work, it is just exquisite. Yes I could live with it in my home!
I must at this point pay tribute to the staff of the V&A for what is an excellent exhibition;

and a very grateful thanks to the Hintze family charitable foundation, The American Friends of the V&A and Mr and Mrs MD Moross who have funded it.
I highly recommend a visit.

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