Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Edwin Roscoe Mullins

Here as promised are a few pictures of Edwin Roscoe Mullins' work. I "discovered him" or at least his work in Dorchester, a fine Memorial portrait of William Barnes, poet above.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Alfred Bertram Pegram

A. Bertram Pegram was a friend of my Grandfather. They were at the Royal Academy Schools together

and were together at the unveiling of Pegram's Statue above to Sir Thomas Browne in Norwich in 1905 on the 300th anniversary of Browne's birth. (see my Dorset sculpture blog of a painting in St.Peter Mancroft by Harry R Mileham; "Wist ye not".)

Here is a good picture from the Peter Nahum at the Leicester Galleries.

Here is The Welsh War Memorial in Cardiff by Mr. Alfred Bertram Pegram. Quite a substantial work!

One day Chris I will go there and take a better picture!

My brother has some small plaster copies of his work given to my Grandfather. Here is one of them. Rather a strange subject but probably very innocent. It rested on my Grandfather's desk and my Father's ever since I can remember.

More to follow do come back soon.