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A Resource for Study of Sculpture

The English Sculptors


Here is an interesting remark from a contemporary American Sculptor:

“I admire your mission to un-earth all the English sculpture that got buried when Henry Moore was canonized -- I know that there's a lot to be found.”
Chris Miller

I hope to do more too, both contemporary and others.

For all sorts of reasons I am going to include, Scottish Sculptors, Irish Sculptors, Welsh Sculptors and British Sculptors. If in doubt, they will be British. If they spent much of their life in the British Isles but were born in a foreign country then I will say so. (Example; was Handel German, English or British, I will not quibble, unless I have actually got it wrong please don’t make too much of it.)

I do not wish to break copyright of any artist or organisation so wherever I can I will include the link to where I found the information on the internet or quote the book reference with ISDN number or source.

To any copyright owner, I hope that this Blog will be useful in promoting your interests. The insertion of any information or image is strictly for educational use and I have no financial interest in creating this Blog. It is mainly for selfish reasons in promoting my own knowledge of sculpture, and because I have not found a site dedicated to sculpture created in these Isles.
If I do not include a reference it is because I have been unable to find one and if you wish to contact me please email me on

The Sculptors listed are in no particular order and will be gradually improved and added to as time goes on. I reserve the right to include only artists I believe good enough to have a space on my Blog. This will be a very personal opinion. Some I may not like but respect and accept their talent. Some of their works may not be included for a variety of reasons including my time.
If you feel I have left someone out please let me know.

William Robert Colton 1867 1921 (French/ English)

Biography on the web Site of Tate Gallery London (

Sculptor of allegorical subjects, public monuments and portrait busts. Born 25 December 1867 in Paris, son of an architect. Came to England 1870. Studied at Lambeth School of Art, the R.C.A., the R.A. Schools under Boehm and Armstead, and in Paris. Exhibited at the R.A. from 1889 and at the Paris Salon. A.R.A. 1903, R.A. 1919. Professor of Sculpture at the R.A. Schools 1907–10 and 1911–12. President of the R.B.S. 1921. Executed a number of public monuments in Britain, India and Australia, including the Artillery Memorial in the Mall, London. Died 13 November 1921 in Kensington, London.

Published in : Mary Chamot, Dennis Farr and Martin Butlin, The Modern British Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, London 1964 (Available from Tate see web Site)

I have found 5 works at my first attempt. I hope to research more about him in due course so come back. New posts will be listed and dated. I know there are lots more to find. Please help if you can.

After the photos you can find the links to these images.

Sculpture, specially dark bronze, is very difficult to photograph. Sculpture is to be visited not just seen from an image which never does it justice.

If I can find them, I will photograph some of his other works in and around London when I get the chance. So please keep an eye open for new posts.

Next batch of sculptors will include, Ford, Gilbert, Frampton, Flaxman, Westmacott and so on.

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